Moments of beauty, light and presence.

Mette Grøngaard is a Danish artist and designer living and working in Copenhagen. With a special interest in plexiglass she creates delicate and atmospheric art and interior decoration in the search for beauty, light and presence. 

My practice so far has been orientated around the sensory and aesthetic experience given by the transparency of plexiglass. I am interested in how we connect with objects, and the influence objects and surroundings have on our well-being. To me, art and design offers a spiritual room for contemplation; a time-out from the everyday rutine.

I create unique or limited edition interior decoration such as hanging mobiles, paintings and sculptural furnitures. Always with a focus on exploring the crossroads between art and design within technique, material and process. 

In the creative process I combine artistic painting techniques, laser cutting and sculpting. The plexiglass serves as a three dimensional object and canvas. I paint directly on clear plexiglass with white acrylic paint – either on single pieces of plexiglass or on multiple layers. I work in monochrome to create light and shadow, positive and negative spaces, and to interpret energies and emotions in graphic patterns. 

I hope that my work brings light and serenity to its audience beyond a quick interior fix. Preferably making time stand still.




Esther Sarto, Mette Grøngaard og Alexandra Kalisz, group exhibition, Beauton Art Gallery, Copenhagen.


Light & Dark – Life & Death, solo exhibition, Fredericia Furniture, Copenhagen.


Bloom, group exhibition, Crossing Lines, Copenhagen.


Dialog, group exhibition, Designer Zoo, Copenhagen.


Into the Wild, solo exhibition, METERVARA+GRONGAARD, Copenhagen.


Portraits No.2, METERVARA+GRONGAARD, Copenhagen.



Kolding School of Design, visual communication, Kolding.


École de Communication Visuelle, Paris.


Aarhus Universitet, Art history, Aarhus.