Mette Grøngaard is a Danish artist and designer living and working in Copenhagen. She works with plexiglass, paintings and drawing, creating delicate and atmospheric artworks in the search for beauty, light and presence.

In my work as an artist, I am concerned with how we can sharpen our presence and focus. I use art as a spiritual space for contemplation and reflection; a place where we can meet ourselves.

I have a background as a graphic designer. In paintings, drawings and sculptural objects I work monochrome to create light and shadow, positive and negative spaces, and to interpret energies and emotions in graphic patterns. My imagery alternates between the concrete and the abstract with a special interest in the sliding between symbol and motif.

My art draws on inspiration from religious and spiritual art, nature and everyday life.

In a society with high tempo and social medias, we are often challenged in our presence and focus. Many lose the ability to be present and more people experience stress. Art and spirituality offer a room of contemplation; a place to seek support and inspiration. Quite simply a break to feel yourself.




Esther Sarto, Mette Grøngaard og Alexandra Kalisz, group exhibition, Beauton Art Gallery, Copenhagen.


Light & Dark – Life & Death, solo exhibition, Fredericia Furniture, Copenhagen.


Bloom, group exhibition, Crossing Lines, Copenhagen.


Dialog, group exhibition, Designer Zoo, Copenhagen.


Into the Wild, solo exhibition, METERVARA+GRONGAARD, Copenhagen.


Portraits No.2, METERVARA+GRONGAARD, Copenhagen.



Kolding School of Design, visual communication, Kolding.


École de Communication Visuelle, Paris.


Aarhus Universitet, Art history, Aarhus.